2 Pack Tactical Tailor Coyote Brown Short Malice Clips


Coyote Brown Short Malice Clips



Made by Tactical Tailor, MALICE CLIPS® are injection molded, heavy duty, reusable connecting clips that are designed to attach modular pouches to MOLLE/PALS style equipment. MALICE CLIPS® are not affected by heat or cold, and will never corrode or lose their subdued finish. Once properly closed, the clip will not open until it is disengaged by the user using a flat tipped object such as a knife or screwdriver. Can also be used to mount Kydex holsters to MOLLE equipped web gear, or as standard OTW (Outside The Waistband) Belt loops.

Short Malice Clip Measurements: 3″ long (folded)

Includes 2 genuine Tactical Tailor Malice Clips


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